Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Strength Within

I have written about my boys and the struggle they have when they get angry. The testosterone rages and it's real tough for a young boy to learn to control his anger.

The other day, I was talking with A about the importance of what's on the inside versus what's on the outside.

He was pretty articulate in telling me that popular people think the outside is more important than the inside. He also understood that the strength of confidence came from within. We expanded on the conversation.

Since he has been trying to get his way by throwing a fit lately, I decided this was a good time to talk about controlling one's temper.

I said to him: You know, it take a really strong boy to be able to control his temper. (Strong is something he strives for these days)

My skinny little boy, whose waist my hands fit around, says to me: Yeah, when I get mad it's like a SUMO WRESTLER trying to get out!!!!

Knowing my boy, he's right on target. I'm glad he understands the enormity of anger.

The ability to control one's anger shows more strength than giving into the fight.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Movie Time

I love to watch sappy chick flicks alone and cry my eyes out. I think most women do every now and then.

Yesterday I watched P.S. I Love You. All I can say is I'm real glad I didn't see it in the theatre. I would have been an embarrassment. The tears flowed from the beginning straight through to the end. There were funny moments, but the whole thing was bittersweet.

It's about a young woman who married young to the man of her dreams. They absolutely adore each other. Then he dies early and he has left her a string of letters to help her through his death.

Just the synopsis is enough to get the water flowing!

Anyway, it's OK as a movie, but excellent for a cry. Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler star. Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon are the best friends. Kathy Bates is mom and Harry Connick Jr is the love interest.

I'm rating this movie on the chick flick cryability scale. I give it 4 out of 5 tissues.

I also watched Life is Beautiful the Oscar winning film from 1997. Roberto Benigni won best actor for the role of Guido. It was sort of corny in the beginning...I was thinking of turning it off. But because I only have 250 channels there was nothing else on TV that interested me. So I continued to watch.

It turned into a sweet love story....but no tears. Then in a flash the whole movie turned. With the back drop of a concentration camp, the humor of Guido endured as he protected his son from the realities they face.

Talk about a love story!

This is an excellent film definitely a five star, but only a two box on the cry meter simply because the tears don't come until the end, although you may have residual tears when you think about the movie the next day. It's the kind that stays with you.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

So today is the 4th of July. Hubby is at work and one of the kids is still asleep. We have a party to go to tonight...the kids are super excited to see their friend Z.

I did alright over the week, a couple of slip ups, but the diet is coming along. Those first few days without sugar, carbs, etc. are hard. Yesterday I wasn't missing them and I think by tomorrow I will have the energy to start the exercise program. Feeling a little less bloated, but not willing to take measurements as of yet. (I want to feel like I've actually accomplished something, so I will wait until Monday

I just got the boys back on track with "school" but we always take holidays off. I think I will suggest watching the Revolutionary War DVD in honor of the 4th. Fits with the day and is not "work". That will keep us going.

The kids willingly (meaning without a bribe) helped clean house yesterday. Yes, take your time, read it again. We made a list, turned up some rockin' tunes and cleaned for a hour together. They did a great job. N is usually willing to help to an extent, but A really got into it yesterday. He cleaned up his games, watered the garden, picked up toys from all over the house and got on his knees and cleaned all the baseboards! He thought that was FUN! Let's hope we can make this a regular event.

I'm making some homemade chicken broth right now. Smells so good. I've been out for a while. I make a huge batch, drain all the bones and spices, then reduce it until its about 1/6 of original. After refrigeration, its like broth jello. I freeze in small portions, then reconstitute. Takes up a lot less room by doing it this way. And so much healthier that the store bought loaded with sodium crap.

Well, N just came in a said "You're STILL on the computer???" Guess a shower would be in order about now.

Happy 4th of July!