Friday, September 26, 2008

Survivor Recap?? Really???

Although I've been a Survivor fan since half way through the first season, I'm late to the blogging party. What if I do weekly recap of survivor? Just for myself, really. Do I want to commit to this? Would anyone care? Would anyone else actually read it? Well, we're gonna find out.

First things first. I deleted last night's episode off the DVR. So anything I write is from memory and I already forgot the old gal's name that got voted off second! Also, I haven't read anything about this years season. I haven't read any spoilers, which I usually do just so I know who the characters are ahead of time.

This first recap is going to suck a bit since I don't have the reference and I didn't decide to do it until after the fact. But here goes.

Starting out the traditional way, showing up in street clothes (don't these people know by now to leave the suits and dresses at home and wear comfy shoes even if the producers say "We're going out for some promo shots"?) The elders picked teams. Seems there was very little thought put forth, but it's hard to judge some one's potential based on a quick into and their profession.

Ending up at camp, I'm sure everyone was ecstatic that they didn't have to build from scratch. A few patches on one roof and a frame in need of walls seemed to be the worse of it.

Challenges were the same ol', although I really thought Michelle showed some spunk. Reminded me of last year's Courtney. Of course I can't remember the tribe names....told you this would be lame. (Promise better next time!) But her tribe lost and Michelle went home. Strictly because she wasn't overly friendly.

At tribal, it was discussed that there was not leader. So who steps up? One of the youngest men there. What an idiot. Does he WANT to go home? Unless you are an older male with the cred to be the leader, don't step up. Every time a younger guy steps up, he's thought of as a threat. And if a woman steps up, she's thought of as Mom or a bitch.

So then blah blah blah another challenge, same tribe looses and "mom" gets voted off.

So here's my take.

Pretty standard first episode.
No one too interesting, although the gay guy with the crush on the young Dr could stand to be a bit soapy.
I like Ace, and the young Dr.
Also Sugar seems to have some charm as well as the Olympic Athlete. I also think the Physics teacher will be around a while. People like him, and he has legit knowledge and leadership skills without being an ass. Reminds me of Yoa-man. (sic)

OK, any survivor fans are required to leave a comment. It's not fun unless we can talk about it. I promise I will pay more attention to names next week....and not delete the DVR before I post!!