Friday, October 2, 2009

Yeah, I'm Still Here

Busy, busy it seems.

After moving and unpacking this summer (which ended up taking ALL summer) I finally had a whole week to take a breath before the kids started NVVA. Between the heavier load of school work and soccer practices 4 nights a week, I've been a little overwhelmed. The boys don't seem to mind, but I'm finding very little "me" time these days.

We are enjoying the K12 curriculum offered through NVVA. It's seems to be based on a classical model focusing heavily on Language Arts, Math, History, Science on the Arts. My 5th grader has 5 History lessons a week. How great it that? So many kids don't get any real History in their education these days. Also, being mastery based, we can cruise through things that we already know, take more time on subjects that challenge us and just skip over the busy work. Love it!

Soccer has overwhelmed our lives as well. Z is still with AYSO, but practicing 2 nights a week. (and thankfully his coaches are not only super nice guys, but are also skilled players.....looks like Z will grow in his soccer skills this season!) N in on a club team this year. His coach is the one he has last fall and many of the same boys are on the team. It's been a great experience for him and we've seen quite a bit of growth in him as an athlete.

Me? Well, just trying to keep up with all the minor details of running a home so everyone is fed and has clean clothes!