Monday, December 15, 2008

Vegas Snow Day!

Yes, it snowed, really snowed here today! This is our 12th winter here and we have seen snow stick maybe three times before (although it happens annually in the foothills). Of course by the term "stick" I mean it stuck to the grass for about an hour or two. We had snow falling all day long today and it was really beautiful. Forcast calls for more snow tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
Love the pictures...nice to see a shot of you as well.
Cheryl Gorham

lisahires said...

It is snowing here in Portland as well. Crazy kind of snow . . 8 inches with more falling now. I love the photos of you and your family. I have one of these blog spots that I haven't kept up . . I think I will post to yours instead :)